A division of RDF Logistics, Boscowood Ventures provides turnkey crating and packing solutions for shipments of any size and destination. Ship anything to anywhere with our custom-fabricated ISPM 15 crates, pallets & skids, and vaults.



  • Raw Timber to Finished Pallet Production

  • ISPM 15 Wooden Crates, Shipping Pallets & Export Packaging

  • Quick Turn-Around

  • Custom Pallets for Any Need

  • National & International Shipments

  • Warehousing Solutions Available

  • Vertically Integrated Transportation Solutions – One Stop from Production to Delivery!

Our Services

We offer stand-alone ISPM 15 certified crating and packing solutions as well as full-service, one-stop logistics services. Boscowood owns and operates a sawmill in the Northern Ohio Amish countryside. We offer a quick-turnaround on ISPM 15 packing solutions for both standard and custom-fabricated Crates, Pallets/Skids, and Vaults.


ISPM 15 certified shipping crates. Custom fabricated for any size or weight.

Pallets & Skids

Standard and custom ISPM 15 shipping pallets and skids.


4-way forklift accessible. Custom manufactured to fit any size requirements.

Export Packaging

Custom manufactured packing solutions for international shipments.

Pallet Design System (PDS)

Let us quote your next job with detailed CAD drawings and a subsequent material list.

The Pallet Design Systemâ„¢ (PDS), is an analysis, design, and marketing tool available exclusively from the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA).

  • PDS can design the optimum pallet by scientifically determining the safe load-carrying capacity, performance and material quantity needed.

  • PDS helps with waste reduction, assembly set-up, and complete pallet drawings/blueprints.

  • PDS is backed by over 30 years of fundamental and empirical R&D performed in collaboration with Virginia Tech and the US Forest Service.

  • PDS helps with product damage reduction in terms of structural, durability and physical analysis.

  • PDS also helps with pallet performance testing — it omits the need for testing by trial by error.


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